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John Scott Lewinski writes screenplays, books, interactive games, sketch comedy and magazine articles out of Los Angeles, CA.

Lewinski started out researching, writing and producing public affairs programs for WMVS/WMVT -- PBS in Milwaukee, WI. After moving to Hollywood, he got his first job as a writer's assistant for Steven E. de Souza (Die Hard, 48 Hours, Tomb Raider) and for the Black Entertainment Television comedy series, Comicview. He worked his way up to staff writer and wrote several sketches for the Comicview Players.

Lewinski will appear as a featured screenwriter at the 2003-2008 Cinestory Script Session Awards. His feature script, "Darwin's Game," won the 1996 Mel Brenner Award for Risk Taking in Screenwriting and entry into the 1997 First Annual Telluride Independent Film and Video Festival. His next script, "Forced Perspective," won a 1999 Award from the Wisconsin State Film Commission and Screenwriter's Forum for "Best Screenplay Set in the State." That script also qualified as a quarterfinalist for the 1997 Nicholl Fellowship, the 1997 Austin Heart of Film Festival and the 1998 Empire High-Value Screenwriting Contest. Finally, he was a semi-finalist for the Chesterfield Screenwriting Fellowship in 2001, 1998, 1995 & 1994.

As a journalist, he covers the motion picture industry for Scr(i)pt Magazine, Creative Screenwriting Magazine and Hollywood Scriptwriter. In the past, Lewinski served as a new media columnist for Earthweb, Writers Club, Cream Magazine On-Line, Inphobia Magazine and Nautilus CD-ROM Magazine.

A busy author, his next book, "Alone in a Room: Forbidden Secrets of Professional Screenwriters," is due from Michael Wiese Publishing in late 2003-2008. He ghostwrote the highly anticipated non-fiction sports title, "Mi Equipo - The Saints of Santa Ana." Simon & Schuster will publish his short story, "Devils in Gray," in a late 2003-2008 science fiction anthology. In addition, his book, "Developers Guide to Computer Game Design," is available from Wordware Publishing in Texas. His second book, "Screenplaying," is now for sale from Random House/Xlibris Publishing. His most popular book, "Screenwriter's Guide to Agents & Managers" from Allworth Press, hit shelves in 2002.

A veteran Hollywood story editor, Lewinski served as Creative Executive Story Editor at Trimark Pictures and was closely involved in the development and production of the critically acclaimed "Ernest Hemingway's After the Storm" for USA Networks and "Summer of Miracles" for CBS. He was also a story analyst for Fox Family Channel, Saban Entertainment, The Wallerstein Company, Evolve Entertainment, Val D'Oro Entertainment and Script Magazine Screenplay Analysis Services. He also served as a judge for the $1 million Kingman Screenplay Contest, the Dimension Films 'First Look' Contest and the Paradigm Agency's Open Door Contest.

Lewinski's interactive writing includes contributions to the multi-million selling CD-ROM games LucasArts' "Star Wars: Demolition," Broderbund's "Riven, The Sequel to Myst," "Command & Conquer II - Tiberian Sun," "Command & Conquer - Red Alert" and "The Journeyman Project 3, Legacy of Time." His feature articles on game writing and interactive industry trends currently appear in Amazing Stories Magazine and Game Developer Magazine.

Lewinski holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in Screenwriting from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles and a B.A. in Journalism from Marquette University. He completed his study of English Literature at Exeter College, Oxford University. He is represented by BenderSpink of Hollywood, CA.

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