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As I mentioned in my introduction, it was not my goal to put together an advanced, master-level guide to screenplay writing. There are plenty of excellent books on the market that deal with the professional aspects of the career. Those books handle the markets, the genres, the structure, character development, etc. I know you'll find several of those titles useful as you stroll through your local bookstore.

However, I wanted to compile a text that could answer the most basic, beginner questions a first-time screenwriter might answer. I believe these questions are no less important or less worthy of respect than the queries of a writer who already sold or optioned a script. In fact, I think they might prove even more important as the answers to these questions could help determine if a talented beginning writer decides to take up arms against a sea of producers.

If you turn back the cyber pages of this book and review the assorted articles and other information, you will discover that I never wrote a word to discourage an aspiring film or TV writer. Yes, the assorted experts and I discussed what not to do in assorted situations once a writer steps into the Hollywood arena, but no one urged that scribe to stay out of the game. A writer might read the beginner's data in this book and decide showbiz is not their chosen medium. They may decide to stick to novels, articles, short stories or poems. However, no one would make such a decision because I suggested he or she retreat from a dream.

I chose those words carefully because I sincerely believe that anyone longing for a career in screenwriting must pursue that dream. If you believe that you have something to say as an artist, you should let no fear or reservation stop you. Take what you gained from these pages, from other books, from writing teachers and other information sources and tell your story.

I hope your listening, Mr./Ms. "Pointless Dream," because there is no such thing.

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